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Sales Zoey is focused on helping small local businesses generate recurring sales by connecting them to their customers.  We help them tell their unique stories so folks can get to know not only the business but the business owner as well.  We work with local businesses to create a special offering to their potential customer that they can only get through Sales Zoey portal and that exemplifies the uniqueness of the business.  
The idea for Sales Zoey was born many years ago when I started my own small computer service business called 911 Computer Help in Richmond, Va.  My goal was to 'address the needs of the Individual & Small Office/Home Office computer user by serving as a friendly and effective “interface” between them and their technology and to make it work seamlessly and efficiently' 
I was very excited to get going when I came upon the first issue most small business owners face after we setup our shops, finding customers. 
I first thought about contacting a local marketing company, but I really didn't have the money to spend on one. Plus, there was no guarantee that the money I would spend on a marketing company would result in any sales. 
I ended up grabbing the yellow pages and going through it to identify the categories of businesses that would be potential customers.  I then went down the list and cold called a business to make my pitch. I had to muster up a good bit of courage to begin to make these calls. As you can imagine, I met with a  lot of rejection and I REALLY didn't like doing this but I wanted to move forward with my business and I didn't have any other choice. 
While I did get some customers with this cold calling method, I really wished there was a service I could use that would do the selling part for me, but that would take its payment from the revenue they brought in with the sales. That way I’d only pay for results and only after the sale was made, no upfront costs. 
Well, it took many years but I finally decided to take this idea off the shelf and make it a real business. 
When I had my computer service business, it was kind of like my baby (years later I had a real baby girl named Zoey). I built it from nothing and I was responsible for every aspect of it. I wanted my new business to reflect that aspect of the entrepreneurial experience. I also wanted to focus on actual sales vice just marketing. You can't pay bills with marketing, you have to sell something.  
So that's how I came up with the name Sales Zoey. A focus on Sales that helps a business(someone’s baby) grow. 



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