ThermaView© Tent Window Insert

Product Description

In both Popup Campers and Hybrid RV’s, the bed compartments are covered by some form of canvas. These soft sided ‘tents’ have zippered window cutouts on the sides and end of the structure. The window openings have a mesh screen that is sewn onto the cutout that provides protection from mosquitoes etc.

In order to open the windows to expose the screen (and the view of the outdoors), you have to unzip a solid material flap that covers the window opening. When the windows are open it also allows airflow throughout the sleeping compartment.

In order to protect the cabin from outside rain, temperature and/or wind, the canvas/vinyl flap needs to be zipped up to cover the window cutout opening.
This means you have two options when it comes to the windows in the tent ends of Popups or Hybrid RV’s: you can have the windows open with only the screen protection or you can zip of the canvas windows and fully enclose the tent end.

            This design means that whenever it’s hot outside and you have the AC on to keep the camper cool, you have to have the windows closed. This also means when it is cold outside and you have the heat on to keep the camper warm, you likewise have the windows closed.

            You also need to close the windows whenever it is raining outside or when the wind is too high and you don’t want that coming into your camper. So unless you are in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ where the conditions are such that having the screen window open would be desirable, you have your tent windows closed.

            The RV Camper Tent Window Inserts allow you to open your tent windows in your Popup Camper or Hybrid RV’s to see outside, let light in the cabin while also protecting the interior of the RV from the outside elements.

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